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Thorough Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Bradenton, FL

Extend the life of your floor coverings and fabrics with carpet and upholstery cleaning from our company in Bradenton, Florida. As a self-contained operation, Gary's Carpet Cleaning of Bradenton Inc. has the ability to clean any location, from the first floor to the tenth.
Instead of steam or shampoo, we use Argosheen®, a trusted cleaning product that yields no residue. Furthermore, the Argosheen solution is hypoallergenic, completely safe for children and pets. This water based solvent removes 99% of food and pet stains and is safe for soil resistant carpets including any color or fiber. Your carpets are left with a pleasant odor, soft and dry within one hour.
Contact our company in Bradenton, Florida, to give your floors and fabrics new life with our upholstery and carpet cleaning services.
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